Cristina and Urdangarin will sign their divorce “in a matter of weeks”: the secret conversation

This Monday, the Infanta Elena And your daughter Victoria Federica attended separately to the premiere in Madrid of Paco Arango’s latest film, whose profits will go entirely to the Aladina Foundation to fight cancer and which has cameos as striking as those of Ana Obregon o Mariano Rajoy. My other Jon stars Carmen Maura, Olivia Molina, Fernando Albizu and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.

The niece of Philip VI She arrived with her friend Rocío Laffón, and was distant and uncommunicative. But on the other hand, her mother, unlike that time when she demanded that the reporters call her Doña Elena, showed her best smile, accompanied by the director of the film.

Victoria Federica did not want to speak but Doña Elena did, and praised how “complicated” it seemed to put herself in the shoes of the character of Carmen Maura, a sick woman who has little time left to live and enters the body of a recently deceased to fulfill one of his last dreams, going to the Canary Islands with his daughter (Olivia Molina).

About Leonor’s institutional role

Neither the mother nor the daughter spoke publicly about the institutional role of Princess Leonor nor about the imminent return to Spain of the Emeritus to attend the private celebration of the coming of age of the heir to the throne. Doña Elena also did not make any statement about the state of health of her aunt, Princess Irene of Greece, Doña Sofía’s younger sister.

However, they leak to us that Infanta Elena did speak, although in private, with at least one person attending the gala, an almost secret conversation, in her ear, between whispers, which was partly dedicated to her sister Cristina. In this sense, we are told that Froilán’s mother privately assured that her sister and her brother-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin will sign the divorce “in a matter of weeks.” Elena also explained that Cristina hopes to meet in Madrid on the 31st with her father, King Juan Carlos, after Princess Leonor’s swearing in of the Constitution and the subsequent celebration of her 18th birthday, which will be celebrated in El Brown.

Doña Elena told the person with whom she thought she was speaking without anyone listening that once Cristina’s meeting with the Emeritus takes place, the lawyers of her sister and Iñaki Urdangarin will close the final financial agreement prior to the signature before a notary that will attest to the end of the marriage. “In a matter of weeks,” she repeated. “But surely before the end of the year,” she said.