“Cristiano told me that I would have fun at Barça”

As is customary for Barça players, Miralem Pjanic gave interviews to the two sports newspapers in Barcelona, ​​Mundo Deportivo and Sport, days after his presentation as a Barça player. Pjanic, a gamer with personality, has no problem admitting that heThe best player he has shared with so far is Cristiano. In fact, he tells MD in the interview: “Cristiano told me that I would have a lot of fun at Barça. He felt bad that I was leaving Juventus, but he was happy for me. “Pjanic admits that something has come short of form due to the effects of Covid-19 and that his intention is to be ready as soon as possible.

In Sport, Pjanic also leaves a phrase that makes you think. “We work very hard, something that seems to have changed a lot compared to last year“, he says confirming that Barça had abandoned themselves in their daily work.” I see concentration, determination and desire for revenge, “he points out. There are compliments to Messi as well:” My will was to be able to play with this champion, you have to make the most of it. ” .