Cristiano Ronaldo gives a check for 1,250 euros to all his employees of the television channel he has just bought

Cristiano Ronaldo has just taken over as owner of one of the most important communication conglomerates in Portugal. The soccer player heads the Cofina group, which he has now just renamed Expressao Livre (free expression), and has taken a surprising measure that has been very well received by all his employees.

The Al-Nassr player has given a check to all workers, as extra pay, for 1,250 euros. The decision, according to the email that reached the employees, is justified as an “action of gratitude to all those who are part of this great company and who work hard for it every day,” he says. Okdiary.

The conglomerate run by Goergina Rodríguez’s boyfriend brings together different media outlets. On the one hand, he owns the newspaper with the largest circulation, the morning mailbut also edits magazines TV Guide o Flash. Likewise, he is the owner of the television channel CMTV, the main pillar of the communication group.

A few months ago, the former Real Madrid forward acquired 30% of this group for which, by the way, he had never felt much sympathy and with whom he has had several clashes: from vetoing them at a press conference to throwing the microphone of one of them. his reporters to a lake.