Cristiano returns with new weapons: rugby cleats to 'fly'

Cristiano Ronaldo is a physical portent and there are few footballers who at his age (35 years) stay as fit as he is. He tries to improve every day so as not to lose the rhythm of the youngsters who come from behind and keep his goalscoring level, accessible to almost nobody.


And since he returned to training, the player of the Juventus he has been seen displaying a new weapon. Keep wearing the Nike Mercurial Superfly you usually wear. However, the studs on his boots have changed. The Portuguese is training with rugby cleats, in this case made of rubber, with the intention of improving his sprinting speed and flexibility. These cleats, in addition to being made of different materials from the one he normally uses, are somewhat longer than soccer cleats, also designed for grip.

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The boots of Cristiano Ronaldo, a Juventus player, with rugby cleats.

Nowadays, in the world of soccer, it is not normal to see professional players with rubber cleats during a professional game, although there are, and some get a great performance, as in the case of Andy Derlort. And it is that the Algerian striker from Montpellier in Ligue 1 set the competition record in terms of maximum speed reached, registering 36.8 kilometers per hour. To get an idea, precisely two years ago, Cristiano was the fastest footballer in the World Cup in Russia, reaching a top speed of 33.98 kilometers per hour. To think that cleats can give you an advantage, even a minimal one, is logical considering these data.

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* Data updated as of June 5, 2020

Apparently according to Tuttosport, the seven would also have been inspired by his compatriot and athlete, Francis Obikwelu, who currently holds the European record for 100 meters. It is not known if the Portuguese player will play the matches with this type of cleats in his boots (he would return on June 12 in Coppa against him Milan), but what is clear is that he does not miss the opportunity to improve whenever possible.