“Cristiano did not respect the protocol; there is an investigation to prove it”

The Italian Sports Minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, again criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for traveling from Portugal to Italian lands after testing positive for coronavirus. On this occasion the president spoke to Rai Tre and gave new data on how the possible unauthorized trip of the Portuguese forward from Juventus to Turin is being treated: “Cristiano did not respect protocol. There is an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor's Office to prove it “. Spadafora also wanted to send a message to those athletes who test positive. “The virus has taught us that no one is exempt, obviously they are all people who have tried to respect the protocols as much as possible, but the only solution in the end is to stay at home”, he claimed.

Already in the past, Spadafora charged against the Bianconero striker: “There are champions who feel above everything. He violated protocol when he went to Portugal, and there is an investigation by the Turin Prosecutor's Office on that. I think people like that should launch messages that invite you to respect the rules, not to skip them “. Now the Minister of Sports confirms that there is an ongoing investigation by the Prosecutor's Office against the Portuguese.