Cristiano defends himself: “I did not skip any protocol”

Cristiano Ronaldo made a direct on his Instagram profile during his confinement to confirm that he is positive for Covid-19, but that he is “fine and without symptoms.” The Juve crack also took the opportunity to defend that he did not commit any irregularity or skip any protocol.


In good condition and without skipping the protocol: “I stopped by to give you a little conversation, tranquility, peace, love. It's all good. You deserve it. I was forced to do this direct to tell you that I'm fine. I am in quarantine and I want to say that I did not infringe any protocol. We did everything well myself and my team. It was all with authorization, and I mean, mainly a man from here said that I did not comply … I complied and I will always comply “.

Sunbathing: “I'm at home taking a little sun, it is not very hot but it is enough to get a little Vitamin D. I took advantage of the sun to not be in the room all day. Things we can do to strengthen ourselves? Something that is free, vitamin D “.

Reassure your followers: “I came to leave you a message that everything is calm. I am fine, I have no symptoms, I feel strong, emotionally and physically well. I feel good, I have no symptoms. Others cannot have this privilege. I have slept well, eaten well and I take my sun when I can. In Portugal it was top, we had 23 degrees, here I am at 15 degrees more or less. I caught the virus, at least that's what the test says “.

Optimistic: “I hope to go back to training, playing and enjoying life as quickly as possible. Now I must be in the quarantine house. The rest of the family is in another floor of my house.”

Joke: “I'm with the virus, but not with Covid-19”