Coutinho and Newcastle advance

The future of Phillipe Coutinho is in the air, but it seems that options will not be lacking. The Brazilian will not continue at Bayern Munich, who has not wanted to exercise their purchase option by the player. It's your turn to Barcelonawhere it doesn't seem like Quique Setién he will keep it.


In addition, with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, it is necessary to deposit money in the coffers and Coutinho would be one of those indicated. The player managed to attract the gaze of teams like Inter Milan, but where he really has a poster is in the Premier League, due to his great stage at Liverpool. There, a multitude of teams have thought of him. Even your representative, Kia Joorabchian, dropped that the footballer's desire is to return to play in the United Kingdom. Discarded his return to LiverpoolClubs have come to the fore as Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Everton and even Newcastle.

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* Data updated as of June 10, 2020

And it is this last team that seems to have taken the lead, since according to France Football conversations with the player would have already started. In addition, the French media assures that it would be the favorite option of its environment and surely he would be the leader of a new and ambitious project. Yes, any negotiation of Newcastle will be pending the decision made with the purchase of the club by Mohamed Bin Salman (paralyzed while investigating journalist's death Hatice Cengiz), since if they finally do not give him the go-ahead, they will not have enough money to rearm the team from head to toe.

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* Data updated as of June 10, 2020

In this way, Coutinho has an exit from the Barcelona, although do not specify whether it would be a transfer or a purchase. In any case, the club that wants to borrow it should also give some money to the Barça club if they want to get their services, a formula that they already used when they sent them to the Bundesliga.