Courtois pulverizes Keylor

Courtois is being one of the fundamental pillars of Real Madrid. The goalkeeper has established himself as one of the leaders both on and off the field and, in a season so complicated by countless injuries, he has sustained the defense in many games. His numbers bring him closer to his second Zamora consecutive: has conceded 24 goals in 30 games, or what is the same, a coefficient of 0.80. It is close to 0.60 of Oblak, career leader with 19 goals in 29 games. Before him FC Barcelona, returned to give an exhibition under the sticks with three stops and several key interventions to get the victory.

On Champions it was not going to be less. Against him Liverpool he became giant to avoid the rival comeback. Made four stops, all of them of great merit, to keep their goal closed. It is the fourth time that he has achieved it in this edition. He is achieving all this with the added difficulty of not always having the same teammates ahead, and that is because injuries are taking hold of Madrid's defensive line.

Who the Belgian is far surpassing is Keylor Navas. The 'tico' curdled great years in white, but Courtois is being able to pulverize his marks. In his last three seasons at Madrid, Keylor played 88 league games in which he received 90 goals. They scored 31 in 2017/2018 and 2016/2017, while in 2015/2016 he picked up the ball from his goal 28 times. On average, he conceded 1.02 goals per game. For its part, Courtois has scored 80 goals in 91 games League in the three seasons he has been in Madrid. In addition to the 24 of this, they scored 36 in his first year (2018/2019) and only 20 in the last (2019/2020). His average is much better: 0.87 goals per game.

Another aspect in which Courtois far surpasses Navas is in the clean sheets. In the almost three seasons he has been playing for Madrid has kept his goal closed in 38 games. In the last three seasons of Costa Rican could only do it in 25, 13 less than its successor.

After what was achieved at Anfield, Courtois visited his “brothers”. The doorman went on a safari in Madrid to enjoy the day off and ended up going viral on social media after sharing a photo with some giraffes. “With my bro's”, signed.

The signing of the starting goalkeeper of the national team Belgium generated a debate at the Bernabéu. Navas has a special affection for everything he achieved during his white years, but for many a change in position was necessary. The board spent 35 million (plus five in variables) to bring in the one who was the best goalkeeper of the 2018 World Cup, an operation that killed the doorman at three Champions in the PSG. Currently, there are few fans who do not justify that expense or who miss the Costa Rican. Courtois has earned the love of Madrid on his own merits.