Countdown to Kate Middleton’s comeback: the princess’s uncle rambles

The unknowns and crazy theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Princess of Wales continue to make headlines while Buckingham remains firmly silent. This Friday, however, an unofficial source has shed light on one of the most requested issues: the public reappearance of Kate Middleton. Gary Goldsmiththe princess’s uncle who has just left the Big Brother British, has spoken loud and clear for GB News: “They have said that we would see it at Easter and nothing has changed since then. They have been very transparent.”

With these words, the media have made their assumptions and have set the date: next March 31. The reason? It is the first official appointment of the British royal family after Easter, in which they all attend the traditional Easter mass together at St. George’s Chapel. If true, Kate would reappear surrounded by her family, accompanied by her husband, William of Englandand his three children, George, Charlotte y Louise, an ideal image that would help her reduce the focus (and pressure) on her individually. In fact, they do not rule out that Kings Charles III and Camilla also attend the appointment.

Kate’s uncle has not gone into details about his niece’s illness and convalescence but has given new information about her recovery: “She’s on the right track. She has the best support on the planet. She has the best people taking care of her.”

Kate, in the eye of the hurricane

It has been two months since Kate Middleton withdrew from the spotlight due to scheduled abdominal surgery, as Kensington Palace announced at the time. From the office of the Princes of Wales she has not provided a diagnosis and they allude to the privacy that she wishes to maintain in the marriage since her position (despite being the heirs) does not require them to give further explanations. They announced, however, that her convalescence would be long and that her return to public life was not expected before Easter.

Since then, the networks and tabloids have been abuzz with rumors, from cancer to hysterectomy to Crohn’s. In recent days, theories point to depression due to the alleged infidelities of William of England and even a pregnancy of his alleged lover, Lady Rose. Some experts have spoken of a smoke screen to cover up more serious issues, such as King Charles III’s cancer.