Could Messi return to Barça?, by Santi Nolla

And Mbappe has been renewed by PSG everything is possible in the world of football. doMessi could he return to Barca? It would not be a question of money and with the Parisian team involved, it is impossible to raise the possibility, unless the salary increase for the renewal of Mbappe would lead to rationalization of wages. But talking about financial fair play and PSG sounds like a joke The Barça would agree with the return of the crack as long as it did not decapitate its fragile economy and Leo I would not hesitate to return to the club where he developed the best football in the world. But PSG prevents it. There are two European clubs that do not fall under the traditional laws of the market: PSG y Bayern. Both have a point of pride that does not make them succumb to money or pressure.

THE BARÇA WITHOUT MESSI HAS NOT TRIUMPHED. Among other issues because after depending on number one for more than 15 years, miracles cannot be performed in a single season. Yes, on the other hand, lay the foundations to face the post-war era well. Messi. The Argentine player has not gone out in the PSG, but it is far from having failed, taking into account the need to adapt after living for a long time in an ecosystem like the Blaugrana. There is an environment close to Leo who longs for the return of the crack to the Camp Nou, as a player. The door is willing to do what is best for him Barça y Xavi I would not see bad his return. But the wall of PSG it is too thick.

WITH THE CURRENT PRESSURE SYSTEM which applies the Barça from Xavi, Messi It would feel like a fish in water. A year away may be enough to change the tone of a locker room that had ended up flawed in a difficult relationship due to salary cuts, among professionals, who also ended up punishing the previous president for reducing his emoluments. Seeing the world from the outside clears focus. For all. But that the PSG can do without Messi the year of the World Cup in Qatar sounds like a real chimera. How did that sound? Mbappe will renew for the French club.