Costa's joke when leaving the court: “Let's see if the Monkey signs me”

The striker of
Atlético de Madrid Diego Costa
He appeared on Thursday before a court in the Spanish capital protected with a white mask to ratify an agreement reached the Prosecutor's Office months ago to resolve a tax fraud case against him.

The footballer left some brief words when leaving the court where he had to ratify said agreement. “I am very well, impressive, always happy,” said the player before the media that awaited him.

When they asked him if he was going to miss Germán Burgos, who has announced that he is leaving the Athletic to pursue his solo career, he noted. “El Mono is impressive, let's see if he signs me at once,” he said, smiling.

The Prosecutor's Office He was asking for a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 507,208 euros ($ 564,877) for Costa for defrauding the Spanish Treasury of 1,014,416 euros in 2014.

According to a judicial file published last month, Costa, 31, omitted in his tax return an income of 5,150,622 euros corresponding to his transfer from the Athletic to the Chelsea in 2014, as well as more than one million euros for image rights.

In accordance with Spanish legislation, which allows sentences of less than two years for non-violent crimes to be commuted to an economic sanction, Coast has agreed to pay an additional fine of 36,500 euros which is added to the amount requested by the Prosecutor's Office to avoid jail.

Diego Costa months ago it reached an agreement with the Prosecutor's Office and has already paid the corresponding fine plus interest. The request for a prison sentence was withdrawn, ”a spokesman for the Atlético de Madrid.

“What is planned for this week is that this agreement, which was already executed months ago, be ratified in court, as is mandatory,” he added.

The Spanish international, who wore a mask due to the pandemic of COVID-19, back to Atlético de Madrid coming from Chelsea in 2017 for about 55 million euros, after helping the London team get two titles from the Premier