Correa tells where his photo as a child with the Atlético shirt comes from

Angel Correa, footballer of
Atlético de Madrid
, analyzed the game that his team will play this weekend against the Pomegranate, official premiere of the mattress team this season 20/21.

The Argentine is betting on a start to the season to the fullest. “First we have to play a great game and leave the three points at home. Hopefully the team has a great game and little by little, gaining confidence for everything that is coming that will be very good, “said the player in words to the website of the rojiblanco club.

The Rosario spoke of the situation that has been experienced in the world of football on account of the coronavirus. “Since the pandemic began, everything was very different, not only for footballers but for everyone. Life goes on, it is another year and we are very excited to have a great year, “he said. One of the circumstances that are bothering him the most has to do with the absence of the public in the stadiums.

“It's a shame, just to tell the fans that we miss them because it's great when they went to the stadium and supported us,” he said to say that he is sure that “from their homes they continue to support us as our families do.” “I hope this happens soon and that everything returns to normal to see you at the Wanda“, said.


The footballer was asked about the best goal as a rojiblanco. “I keep the last one I marked in the Calderon for all that it means, ”he recalled. About the game, it is clear to him. “After the operation, I really wanted to be able to play again, to compete. I remember it as very beautiful ”.

The player was also questioned by a photo circulating on social networks of when he played in Argentina, with a t-shirt of Athletic. “He lived in the pension of Buenos Aires and my representativeAgustin Jimenez] had given it to me. It was a shirt that I liked a lot, that I wore a lot and that I appreciated a lot, ”he explained.