Coronavirus: Restrictions, camps and 'special arrangements': the problems of Chinese athletes with the coronavirus



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Hundreds of chinese athletes they train in their country or abroad under extreme security measures to protect themselves from coronavirus, which has already claimed the life of 305 people, before the arrival of the qualifying tournaments of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

According to the vice president of Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), Liu Guoyong, Chinese athletes “are training in camps behind closed doors in several national and foreign cities.”

Places where “special arrangements” have been made for accommodation, transportation and training to protect athletes and the technical body from contracting the virus that has infected 14,380 people, according to the latest official figures.

“Until now, no athlete of the national team has reported or is suspected of being infected with the virus“, emphasizes Liu, who assured that the committee will do” everything possible “to prevent this from happening.

Liu recalled that between February and April it is planned that a hundred Olympic qualification tournaments will be played around the world.

The COC claims to have been in close contact with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding the participation of Chinese athletes in Olympic qualification competitions.

The IOC has asked international sports federations to provide all possible assistance to Chinese athletes, which may suffer some of the restrictions on travelers from China that are carrying out passes like the United States.

Several sports competitions, including National Winter Games of China, the Chinese Basketball Association League and the Chinese football Super League have been postponed, relocated or canceled directly since the outbreak.

“We will closely follow the development of the situation to decide when sports events can be resumed“said Liu.

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