Coronavirus: discover in real time the location and confirmed cases

  • Coronavirus is a type of virus whose origin is unknown
  • Developed to track the number of people affected in real time
Image: iStock

Coronavirus is a type of virus whose origin is unknown. In general, people suffer at some point in their life and usually happens during childhood. It can generate from a simple cold to a serious respiratory problem similar to pneumonia.

At present, this virus has become more known as an outbreak in the city of Wuhan, China emerged in late 2019. As a result of this situation, many countries were alerted to prevent the coronavirus from expanding through more places and taking appropriate measures to achieve it.

Although the outbreak began in China, there are already some cases of people affected by the coronavirus in different parts of the world. The majority of sick people are in the Asian country, but due to the influx of tourists and business people who normally travel to China, there are currently sick people in other places. Knowing the real situation of this disease is not easy as it varies at all times, but thanks to Johns Hopkins University we can know.

They develop a website that allows observing in real time the number of people affected

Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, has developed a website that allows you to observe in real time the number of people suffering from the coronavirus and its location. It can also know the number of deaths that have been caused by this virus and the number of people who have recovered.

The image provided by the web we can see a map with red areas that represent each affected country and how the outbreak has already spread in different areas of the world. Currently it is the best way to know the reality of this virus and know in what state are people from different countries that have been affected.