Corinna Larssen has compromised material from Juan Carlos and Bárbara Rey: the soap opera gets complicated

Angel Cristo Jr. She opened Pandora's Box for 120,000 euros two weeks ago, when it premiered on Mediaset to attack her mother and reveal the secrets that she had tried to hide throughout her life. Many of them, about her relationship with Don Juan Carlos and the audiovisual evidence that demonstrates it. Although all of them were believed to have been eliminated, copies still remain in the hands of the most unexpected people. For example, Corinna Larsen.

According to the program Fiestathe former German princess who maintained a romantic relationship with the emeritus for more than 10 years (in which she even settled in a charming apartment behind El Pardo with her son Alexander, whom the emeritus wanted as his own) is a of the people in his power “some of that material, especially photographs”with which Barbara Rey blackmailed (allegedly) the emeritus.

Enrique del Pozo assures that Corinna, disappointed to discover that Juan Carlos had other lovers and parallel lives, used contacts to discover all his secrets: “She wanted to protect herself. She is a person with a lot of power and great contacts in Spain, it was not difficult for her to get hold of some of that material.”

What we do not know, for the moment, is where this material is located (although we would bet on a safe in a foreign bank) and if Corinna intends to bring it to light to dirty, even more so, the figure of the emeritus. A revenge against her ex-lover after the British justice system dropped her lawsuit for an alleged crime of harassment.