Surrounded by countryside, nature and green forests in all their splendor. Corinna Larsenformer lover of Juan Carlos I, acquired this 80-hectare mega-property (more than 80 football fields), which is located in Shropshire, in the Midlands region, about four hours west of London. He paid 6.7 million euros for the farm, as he points out The Times. It is now on sale for 17, post Daily Mail. It coincides that he executed the purchase after having received, from the hands of Don Juan Carlos, the famous 65 million as a donation. corinna wants to do business.

The bucolic plot, called Chyknell, has several cottages for guests. Also, a stable, a barn and even a small hunting ground. The two-story mansion, with eleven rooms, was built on this property that dates back to the 13th century. The German businesswoman took over the farm in 2015, one year after the abdication of Juan Carlos I and three after he donated the 65 million. The princess acquired it for hers, her son Alexander.

The interior design, which has been reformed by Corinna herself, follows a classic and country style. Living room with three sofas, floral upholstery, large curtains and a fireplace. Annex, the dining room, with a huge table set for twelve people and another fireplace. A carpeted space decorated with flower frescoes on the walls. There is also a billiards room and a wine cellar.

Imposing, the pool. It is located in the garden, surrounded by fir trees and flowers. You can also practice cricket and tennis.