Corchia breaks with Espanyol

Sébastien Corchia this Tuesday he stopped being a player in the Spanish. The 29-year-old French winger was on loan from the Seville until June 30 and the blue and white team itself has communicated its departure. The defender Sébastien Corchia has ended his stage at RCD Espanyol in Barcelona. The French player, who was on loan from the Seville FC until June 30, has played three LaLiga matches and four Europa League matches throughout this season. From the club we want to thank you for your effort and we wish you luck in your professional future ”, said the brief statement.

Weighed down by injuries, a fact that had previously accompanied him in the Seville and the Benfica, Corchia He even received medical leave last January after undergoing surgery on the meniscus of his right knee in mid-December.

Corchia will return to Seville, and it remains to be seen what will happen for the next season. It has a contract with the group from Seville until June 2021.

Corchia, the day of his presentation with RCD Espanyol