Copa del Rey: The misfortune that unites Guridi and Merquelanz, the two key pieces of the Mirands | Copa del Rey 2019

Mirands – Real Sociedad (21.00 h., DAZN)



They shine at the Mirands looking for the Copa del Rey final after suffering serious injuries with the Real Sociedad, club to which they still belong

Mirands players, on loan from Real, Jon Guridi and Martn Merquelanz pose at Anduva Stadium.

On March 18, 2017, Jon Guridi debuted as a starter with the first Real Sociedad team. A week later, he returned to the branch to face Bilbao Athletic, but an injury that dragged his knee forced him to go through the operating room. He reappeared in January 2018, 10 months later, but could only play four games, as the inconvenience persisted. I stopped again from March to October, one year and seven months of Calvary total.

On August 31, 2018, it was Martn Merquelanz who received in Ipurua the alternative with the elastic txuriurdin. He replaced Illarramendi in the 85th minute, but before the game ended, the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee broke. I did not play an official match again until August 17, almost a year later.

Tonight, football gives you both an opportunity for compensation as you would have never imagined. They are two of the key pieces of the historic Mirands that are within a goal of qualifying for the final of the Copa del Rey. The diabolical particularity of such an unlikely challenge is that the opponent is the Real Sociedad, his Real Sociedad. And not only because, both Guipuzcoans – Merquelanz is from Irn and Guridi from Azpeitia – are fans of the San Sebastian club since childhood, but because they still belong to the Txuriurdin discipline. As also happens to his partner Modibo Sagnan, tonight they can leave the club that pays them and the one that returns for the next preseason without a final Cup. There is no fear clause that is worth it.

It is a life or death tie. This year we are from Mirands and we will do everything to reach the final. Whoever doubts us, skinny favor is doing us, they both highlighted in a joint appearance before the first leg in the Reale Arena, resolved by 2-1. And in good faith they showed it in what was their stadium and it was again tomorrow morning. Both Guridi, mediocentro, and Merquelanz, far left, set a great meeting in which the Mirands deserved more and, in any case, served them to keep the tie for tonight's commitment completely alive.

In Miranda de Ebro, just an hour and a half drive from San Sebastin, both have found the perfect springboard to overcome their past misfortunes and claim their place in professional football. Born both in 1995, are being decisive pieces in the project commanded by Andoni Iraola. In the case of Guridi, he was already an important man in the ascent to Second of the past year after joining the winter market, already fully recovered from his knee problems. And Merquelanz, who arrived in Anduva in summer, is being one of the best players in Second Division and in January he had several offers to finish the year in First.

The end has an almost assured place in the realistic squad next year, more in the face of the difficulties that are glimpsed in San Sebastin to retain its number of attackers, while Guridi could benefit from the already announced march of Zurutuza at the end of this course. In the case of Merquelanz, Real is already working on the renewal of its contract, which expires in 2021. Guridi, meanwhile, has signed until 2022.

A priori, both will start tonight, although the end has been three games out of action for a shoulder injury that seems solved, since since Monday he has trained with apparent normalcy. Beyond that mishap, the two have enjoyed an iron health so far this season: both have played 31 games out of a total of 36. Only the goalkeeper Lemons (33) and striker Marcos Andr (32) They have participated in more meetings than they. Misfortune joined Guridi and Merquelanz in his day and today glory can do it.

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