Copa del Rey basketball: Yusta: “Going back to Madrid one day is an incentive”



The eave, 22, is one of the references of Iberostar Tenerife, which today is measured at MoraBanc Andorra in the quarterfinals.

Yusta, during a match against Virtus Bologna.

The spotlights point to Iberostar Tenerife and there is reason for that, as it is the true revelation of the ACB, due to strength and results. And that the re-foundation of last summer was total. A shaker of players well agitated by Txus Vidorreta, veterans and novels who are planted in Malaga on the clean side of the box and with the high of having won, last Sunday, the Intercontinental Cup. Santi Yusta (Madrid, 1997), a notable Real Madrid squad is the proclaimed explosion, a talent that is confirmed: on Saturday he made 31 points and seven rebounds (41 valuation) to Virtus. Today, against Morabanc Andorra (7:00 p.m.), they will look for their third consecutive semifinal.

The best match of your life?
Let's see (think), if I remember correctly I think it's the best game I've had as a professional. For points, for valuation … very complete.
Would they put the handbrake on the celebrations?
Totally. We celebrated, but it was time to think about the Cup. I hope it affects us for good. It was a very important title, in the end, we are world champions. Over against Virtus, which last year won the Champions League final. We had that plus of motivation.
With 22 years he has already won a Euroleague, two Leagues, an Intercontinental …
I can boast a little. Like to remember, but in the end it is secondary, the important thing is the team.
And at the end, Monday calls Scariolo for the selection. Can you imagine in the Games?
Of course. I face it with enthusiasm, it is a challenge. With Real Madrid it was more difficult to go (the windows coincided with the Euroleague). I have struggled to be in the call. I am looking forward to doing well and fighting in the future for a place for the Games.
The forecasts give Tenerife as a finalist. Have they earned the right to feel pressure?
We are not sorry, there are good teams. Unicaja is the host, although he may not have had a first round as they wanted. They go from less to more. Zaragoza and Andorra are also having an incredible season. They are going to be difficult matches, you have to go to death.
What are your memories of the Cup?
With Madrid it is the only thing I have not won. I have League, Euroleague and Super Cup. We lost both finals in the last moments, but that gives me more motivation.
What is the secret of this Tenerife?
Less Ice, we are all new. And from the first moment we have made a very good pineapple, a group also united outside. There are veterans like Shermadini and Marcelinho, the experience. Huertas is a delight, reads the game wonderfully, it gives you passes that you do not even know if they will reach you. Young people who put the speed, the desire … That mix has come very well.
How is the process of leaving Madrid, of having a more leading role?
Madrid was a very long squad, with the best in Europe. You played, but it was difficult. Here I was given the opportunity to have a more important role. I felt like it. And I am grateful, at ease, trying to respond. I have improved little by little. It's a different city, a different team … I had to work hard.
Who did he learn from in Madrid?
From Llull, from Rudy, Carroll's shot, Causeur … To those he was always defending. You try to get the best of each one.
And what is your next evolution?
You always have to work a little of everything. At the beginning of my career it was more difficult for me to shoot, there are the statistics. I worked a lot. I'm better now. Then, the little details, the defense, the boat …
Did you spend many hours shooting?
In Madrid we had the shooting machine, which bounces you alone. I put on after each workout, also with the second coaches. He had to go on and on until he gained confidence. Little by little I succeeded. I spent many hours with the little machine, it has helped me a lot.
Is returning to Real Madrid one day a spur?
Yes, it is a motivation. I have here one more year. That they keep a right for you is flattering. It's not that they sold you and they don't love you anymore. You have that little thing that you can return one day. Although I don't think much about the future either. Here I am at ease, competing, improving, teaming up. Very happy.
Someday you can boast that he dominated Europe as a canterano with Doncic …
It did a great job. Paco Redondo – now Laso's second – helped us a lot, he put us firm, each one in his place. No matter what name you had, if you did it wrong you went to the bench. That made us improve little by little, make a good group. Luka is going out in the NBA, there is also Barreiro (Zaragoza), Cate (Murcia) … Congratulations to Doncic, it is incredible, they are already so many times. We will always have friendship, we talk every bit.

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