Copa del Rey basketball: Llull is always too much for Bilbao

Real Madrid 93 RetaBet Bilbao 83



A solid Real Madrid, commanded by the Balearic and Tavares, avoids the surprise of Mumbr and see them on Saturday with Valencia for a place in the Cup final

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Llull tries to score before Balvin, in the Carpena.
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Bast check how Pablo Laso took the game, his ensima fight for a title, as if it really was the first. As if he had returned to 2012 and was in Sant Jordi, in that initica Cup he was going to found, still without knowing it, an empire. From top to bottom the Vitorian technician, in the band like a caged lion, short steps, head to the ground, maximum permanent tension, nerves with the referees, the calm of psychologist to lower the pulsations of Anthony Randolph if he played. It is the self-demand of those who do not recreate themselves in the past or in the trophy cabinet, however overflowing it looks. This is what Real Madrid projects, already in the semifinals of the Cup after meeting the forecasts against RetaBet Bilbao, the night Sergio Llull Recover your powers. (93-83: Narration and statistics)

The whites were on notice, who jumped into Martn Carpena, looking askance at how Barcelona left him dumbfounded and defeated, without asking for an appointment for Saturday. Taking off the pressure of not finding a classic in the semifinals did not accelerate or calm their competitive cravings. The difference remains that Madrid knows what it is to win, a lesson that costs blood to learn and that requires ego sacrifices. Know the grounds. That is why I did not belittle Bilbao and did not intend to knock the first of change. Nor deviated from the plan with the daring responses of those of Alex Mumbr, that for something they are the great surprise of the Endesa League, recently promoted and raising their voice to the established powers, without complexes.

Until the break Bilbao remained firm. It was not easy for Madrid to lose track of those in black, solid and concentrated, as if they had been in these lides all their lives. Rouselle and Boutelle, his couple of Gauls, scored with ease from the perimeter, while Llull began to take flight. A triple from Campazzo set the maximum (50-44), but Rouselle replied about the horn. The battle was very much alive and Laso had another precedent that alerted him, the league duel in Miribilla.

That is why Madrid returned from rest with one more march, especially in defense. Euroleague Rhythm With the knife between the teeth Campazzo and Deck, Tavares immense in the painting, again absolutely decisive (14 rebounds). It was like when a boxer breaks loose in the ring, seeing that his opponent loses his breath, taking advantage of the weakness of someone else's weakness. A demarrage too hard for the novel, to which the dream escaped between the fingers without being able to remedy it. I tried to react with a partial meritorious (4-15), with Kulboka squeezing, but then Llull emerged. And it's over.

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The Balearic was resounding, that not only mut its benefits, until his face looked like another in this Carpena in which five years ago he left his basket more unforgettable. With 12 consecutive points, definitely the fire of Bilbao, meritorious to the same shore.

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