Copa del Rey basketball: A lesson to Bara: Valencia expels the champion

Barcelona 78 Valencia Basket 82



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Abalde, defended by Higgins, in the Carpena.
Jorge Zapata EFE

The Haughty Cup does not forgive, nor evenings at medium gas, nor trusts. The champion of the last two editions, that shimmering Barcelona, ​​of signings at the stroke of a checkbook and squad as it was not remembered in Europe, packed the bags at the first exchange, ruined by a Valencia Basket basket. A lesson (78-82: Narration and statistics)

Because it would be good for the Catalans to take note in their proclaimed search for the reconquest. Triggers that waste titles, with how expensive they cost. Intolerable blackouts in a collective like the one that manages Svetislav Pesic. The draw had given him a maze and was lost in the first street of the Martn Carpena.

You may well take a look at the deployment of the rival, from humility and pundonor, from pure basketball, tactical lessons from inferiority and rowing all together. Nor did he let himself be influenced by the precedents – three defeats against Bara in the course of the course – nor by Mirotic class lashes. Jaume Ponsarnau, who should live up to what he has been for a long time – a top coach – had an answer to every challenge, always starting from behind. The prize was great and deserved: on Saturday, looking to return to the Cup final, as three years ago in Vitoria.

The cry was not to shake. After a cold start, as if wanting to position oneself, absorbing the triples of Bara as a good encacker –three of them from Claver, which ended with five– Valencia came up. He did it from his identity seas, from that patience that Ponsarnau has granted based on facing the greats of Europe until he became a Chinese shoe in the Euroleague. Undeterred despite the 8-0 start, I took the reins in the afternoon at Carpena effectively. When he wanted to realize, Pesic had his team 14 down (18-32), after fitting a partial 0-20 to rub his eyes, almost eight minutes without scoring a basket in play. Bad augury.

It was a warning to keep in mind. The Cup allows few naps. The Bara was rolled up in defense, Claver and Mirotic reappeared (more than half of the points at rest were his) and the balance is the same.

That he was going to remain balanced on the way back, when the taronjas received another Barca avalanche without flinching. Mirotic took out the gun, 10 points in the blink of an eye; dancing with Ndour he was much more comfortable on the dance floor, another thing was when Labeyrie became his partner.

How often intelligence, knowing how to control anxiety, wins battles. And how they hurt the disconnections, that permanent challenge of the trainers, keep the flame burning. Suddenly, Bara turned off again, another seven minutes without scoring in play -indeed, only five of his players knew what it was to contribute in attack, inslito-, while Valencia climbed on his beards, he began to truly believe with that choral and solidary game led by Dubljevic. Their hope when they are the horn of the third quarter (52-64) was enormous, although it was still around last week's precedent, with that Barca victory in extremis at La Fonteta – Mirotic's final canast.

But I wasn't going to shiver this time. The heart baskets of the heart of Tobey under hoops, his warrior defense, perfect all afternoon and, when the Bara tried desperately, the blood of not overflowing with a crazy end. The Cup will have a new champion and Valencia aims strong.

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