Controversy and great demand for tickets to the Paris final

follow the madness to get tickets for the Champions League final between Madrid and Liverpool on the 28th. This Tuesday the 17th, at 9:59 a.m., the deadline for the Madridista members who won the draw on May 11 to process their payment through the UEFA ticketing portal was over. 14,547 entries of which, if the transaction has not been carried out, some can be released. A halo of hope for the huge number of madridistas eager to appear in Paris. The demand is being excessive. And not only on the Spanish side.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

In England, in fact, there is controversy. Spirit of Shanklyan unofficial fan union reds, complained about the excessive number of tickets destined for UEFA, even receiving the support of Klopp. Agree “100%” with them, said the German coach. The fans’ union condemned the highest European body days ago, calling them hypocrites for having increased revenue from ticket sales by 38% in recent years. “Since 2018, when Liverpool played the final against Real Madrid, UEFA’s revenue from ticket sales has gone from 3.06 million euros to 4.22. An increase of 38% in four years,” read part of the open letter that Spirit of Shankly headed to UEFA.

Shield/Flag Liverpool

“Football fans are tired of being ripped off, of seeing their team reach the final, but being unable to find a ticket to attend. And tired of exorbitant prices (…). It is time for UEFA to recognize the power of the fans over the sponsors”, they completed. The total capacity of the Stade de France in the final will be 75,000 people and only 52%, 19,618 tickets per team, have been destined for the members of Madrid and Liverpool. 12,000 have gone to the general public, while the remaining 23,764 have remained in the hands of the organization. Hence the anger of the fans, which supports, as we pointed out, Jürgen Klopp.

Ceferin defended himself

“UEFA are not the saints of football, they never are. What they have with the Champions League is a fantastic product. If you ask me the question, I would never have changed it. But they lost a bit of money and the easiest way to get it back is by raising ticket prices.” Ceferin, by allusions, answered him. “The fans of both teams get 20,000 tickets each. If the sponsors, who pay €100 million or more in sponsorship – of which 93.5 percent go to the same clubs – get some tickets, it’s part of a contractual obligation we have. I don’t give free tickets to my friends or sell them to them.”assured the president of UEFA at the Congress held in Vienna last Wednesday 11.