Conflict of interest between Luis Enrique, the clubs and the RFEF

Real Madrid. After the stoppage of the coronavirus, the five Spaniards who continue in Europe will suffer another one that will suppose an added difficulty. In the Champions it is the case of Atlético, already classified for quarters, and of Real Madrid and Barcelona, who are still pending the second round match. Sevilla and Getafe, in the Europa League, are in the same situation. The five will have to return to the European competition after a break of more than three weeks, the temporary gap that will remain between the end of LaLiga, on July 19, and the return of the Champions League and the Europa League. A handicap that no one calculated properly.

Spain. Luis Enrique will have to concentrate the National Team at the end of August for the game against Germany of September 3, which will leave almost no vacation to the players who play the European competitions, which, for the most part, are the ones that thrives on the Selection. This calendar will suppose a three-way conflict of interest between internationals, clubs and the FederationWe will see how it is resolved.

PSG. In the European Cup, both the four teams that are already classified for fourth (Atlético, Atalanta, Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain) like the four that will come out of the playoffs that have yet to be resolved between Manchester City- Real Madrid, Juventus-Lyon, Bayern-Chelsea and Barcelona-Naples they belong to the five great leagues of Europe: Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France. Logically, the team most affected will be the PSG, since when Ligue 1 was suspended, Mbappé, Neymar and company will have to make a special preparation to compete in the Champions League.

Athletic. The other major affected are the Spanish teams. Atleti, already classified for quarters, will have a break of between 24 and 27 days between the end of LaLiga and the quarterfinals of the Champions, which will be between August 12 and 15. He Madrid and the Barca They will not compete for three weeks, which are between July 19 and August 8, the date of the return of the Champions League round of 16. A great disadvantage of the Spanish teams compared to those of England (The Premier will end on July 26, two weeks after the return of the European Cup) and above all the Italian clubs, which will finish Series A on August 2.