Confirmation of the Infanta Sofía: the godfather and Leonor’s affectionate hug to her paternal grandmother

May and family events go hand in hand. Also for the Kings. graduation Leonor in Wales and that first unpublished selfie, we move on to the Confirmation of Sofia in Aravaca, in Madrid. Two very special celebrations for the Kings in just five days.

This Thursday, May 25, the youngest daughter of Philip VI y Joy has received the sacrament of Confirmation. Here, too, he repeats the path of her sister. Same place, the church of the Assumption of Our Lady of Aravaca, in Madrid; and the same godfather, King Felipe VI (as confirmed to us minutes before his arrival).

No uniform. Sofía has been accompanied by her classmates and her ESO roommates from her Santa María de los Rosales de Aravaca school, in Madrid. The accredited media have placed ourselves in an area designated for the press in the garden that surrounds the parish. The great unknown was the attendance of the two grandmothers, the Queen Sofia y Rock Dovey jesus ortiz con Ana Togores.

Finally the answer has arrived: the three grandparents who live in Madrid have joined the event and have composed a second family photo after the Three Kings posed with their daughters. The only one who has been left out of the image has been Togores, who has remained in the background, out of the spotlight, with great discretion.

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At that moment one of the details of the day has occurred. Leonor, very affectionate, has grabbed Doña Sofía and together, arm in arm, they have walked towards the church. Eleanor is very tall. She wore wedges, like her mother. She still she is very tall. It is the first image of her and the first outing of her in Spain since her graduation on May 20.