Conde-Pumpido shares a video of Lara Dibildos on social networks and she reacts sharply

It has been a month since the lawyer, who was accused of sexual assault that was finally withdrawn, was admitted to the psychiatric unit of a well-known Madrid hospital. It is unknown if he has already been discharged or is still receiving treatment as an inpatient, but this Thursday he resumed his activity on social networks and did so with some surprising images.

Cándido Conde Pumpidowhose last post on Instagram was on September 25, has shared a video in which he appears alongside Lara Dibildos and a group of friends, among whom is the footballer Joaquin, on the beach of Tarifa. Sitting in a circle, they listen to music, laugh and drink champagne. The chosen clip has given rise to all kinds of speculation, such as a rapprochement between Conde Pumpido and Lara Dibildos.

The actress, asked about this possibility, was blunt: “He doesn't want to know anything about him”they have said in Digital Freedom. “It is a lie that Cándido is at her house, as has been said. In fact, she is in Córdoba working now.”

A complaint and an income

Conde-Pumpido Varela was admitted to a psychiatric center in Madrid on November 10 after an alleged suicide attempt and at the request of a family member. The lawyer's entourage assures that Lara Dibildos' ex has had mental health problems for years and the pressure of recent weeks had aggravated all of his symptoms.

Conde-Pumpido was arrested and released without precautionary measures on November 5 for an alleged sexual assault on a 36-year-old woman, who later withdrew the lawsuit. This same week, she was arrested in Malaga for an alleged murder attempt in Brazil.