Conde-Pumpido, hospitalized again: the lawyer entered a psychiatric unit this weekend

Count-Pumpido Varela He was admitted last November 10 at night to a psychiatric center in Madrid after an alleged suicide attempt. That same Friday it was known that the lawyer had been transferred to the center with a Summa ambulance escorted by the National Police Corps, but the reasons were unknown.

According to reports The world, the 42-year-old lawyer was transferred to the medical center from his home in Madrid. The aforementioned media, which cites police sources, points out that the novelty of this transfer is that it would be a court order after an alleged autolytic attempt and at the request of a family member.

Conde-Pumpido was arrested and released without precautionary measures on November 5 for an alleged sexual assault on a 36-year-old woman. The judge argued in the order that in the images provided by the defense there were no signs of violence.

The resolution indicated that the house cameras did not collect any “situation similar to that described by the accused” during the time in which the alleged assault would have been committed. The prosecutor requested a restraining order. He did not request prison because the victim had no injuries.

Conde-Pumpido was arrested by the National Police after a woman reported an alleged group sexual assault. The complainant indicated that in a house in Madrid there were, in addition to Conde-Pumpido, two other men, reporting sexual assault by the three.