Concha Velasco’s son talks about his mother’s condition after her last scare: “She is in the best hands”

It was in September of last year when Shell Velasco announced her retirement from the stage after six decades on them, earning herself the title of great lady of the Spanish scene. A few months later, it was learned that she moved to live in a residence and in March, as Informalia ahead of time, he changed to another center more in line with his preferences and needs.

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This Tuesday it was published that the actress had a scare related to her health. “Now she is much better because they reacted in time and were able to coordinate with her doctors at the Puerta de Hierro hospital everything related to her ailments,” journalist Saul Ortiz wrote in 20 minutes.

Your son Manuelafter this information, clarified in Hola that “everything is fine, everything is under control”: “It is in the best possible hands”. Carmen Borregowith sources close to Concha, also assured this Wednesday in Save me that the Valladolid artist “is much better”. In this sense, the daughter of María Teresa Campos added that her relatives “are calm.”

La Chica ye ye continues at the Orpea Punta Galea residence in Las Rozas. Her children and herself considered that, at 82 years old, it was the best. The center in has a price of around 2,500 euros per month, an amount greater than what the previous one in the Tetuán neighborhood cost.

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But, as they told us a few months ago, Concha would pay about 1,800 euros and the rest would be in charge of AISGE (Performing Artists, Entity for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights), an entity that manages the intellectual property rights of the actors in Spain. , dubbers, dancers and stage directors and whose foundation he presided over Pilar Bardem until his death and now he is in charge of Emilio Gutierrez Caba.