Concha Velasco's son breaks down when talking about the last minutes and his mother's death: “She died laughing”

This Tuesday one of the most exciting moments of the television industry in Spain was experienced with the tribute that the Iris Awards, the awards of the Academy of Television Sciences and Arts of Spain, paid to Laura Valenzuela, Maria Teresa Campos y Concha Velascoall three died last year. Lara Dibildos, Terelu Campos y Manuel Velascotheir respective children, took the stage and starred in an image that can already be said to be part of television history.

A day later, the son of the eternal yeyé girl sat down for an interview with Susanna Griso on Antena 3. Regarding the tribute at the Iris, which he attended after more than a month without practically leaving home, he said: “I didn't deserve to be there on that stage. I said yes to the organization because it would have been strange if it wasn't anyone from the family. My aunts were in row number two. I feel strange because I don't want people to think that I take advantage of things. I have such a big void…”

The director and playwright has gone to Antena 3 to promote his new novel and has insisted: “I don't want people to think that I want to profit from paying tribute to my mother”. The presenter also recalled that Manuel postponed the promotion of the novel when his mother was sick to dedicate himself completely to caring for her. “My mother told me, why don't you talk about your book?”he recalled.

Manuel added: “If my mother taught me anything, it is that life goes on (…) When her mother, my grandmother, died, she went to the theater and to television the same day. The show must go on. We live for the public and we go through the same things that they go through.” A month and a half after her death, now the son of the legendary artist is in another phase of mourning: “When all the emotional cataclysm happens you are very entertained but when you're at home alone… You realize that's where the grieving begins. And grief has many phases“.

Very excited, he acknowledged: “If he were not Concha Velasco's son, he would not be in Public mirror talking about my novel. “I am low profile, behind the cameras.”. The screenwriter, who wrote the last play in which her mother starred in the theater, has said, with all humility: “Her talent is not inherited from her and the talent she had was immense. On a professional and personal level, He is the most generous person in the world. “We have nothing left because he has given everything in life.”.

The one who was the presenter of Surprise, surprise She died on December 2 at the Puerta De Hierro University Hospital, Majadahonda, after being transferred from the residence where she remained during her last months. Concha left the stage in September 2021 when her health was already deteriorating. Manuel, in these hard times, finds refuge and support in his family: “I have a wonderful family. My brother lives across the street and my aunts are like the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. They have taken me from one place to another. They have also helped me with the bureaucracy.”

The last minutes of Concha Velasco

When he died, my brother Paco and I spent half an hour in silence. We were thankful that we could say goodbye to my mother. She entered the hospital conscious.“, Manuel revealed.

The doctor, at twelve at night, told us that there was nothing to do. My mother was calm and we played tricks on her so she wouldn't notice. My mother practically didn't speak in the last month, but she told me 'how I look'. And I said 'you look like ET'. My mother died laughing“, he recalled while bursting into tears live.

After informing some relatives of the death, he prepared a statement to send to the press. The moment Concha's children announced her death to the caregivers of the Madrid residence where she spent her last years, they burst into tears: “What the caregivers cried… We went to that hospital 70 or 80 times, it was a very hard illness. “When we told them that he had died, they already had everything prepared for his return to the residence, the sheets on the bed, everything… They started crying when they received the news of his death.”

He and Paco organized the tributes in Madrid at dawn in La Latina and in Valladolid, where the remains of the actress rest: “We said that all of Spain wanted to say goodbye and Paco and I organized everything in five minutes, at dawn. The thing about La Latina and about Valladolid. Madrid and Valladolid were his two cities. “Spain had the right to say goodbye to my mother.”.

He defends himself against criticism

Manuel has also vindicated the decision he made with his brother and Concha herself to have the presenter enter a residence after retiring from the stage. Reason why they even felt morally judged: “I demand this type of care. My mother asked me, 'Do I do a press conference?' 'No, mom.' We have to normalize it“.

In this sense, she has revealed that her mother felt upset by certain comments she heard on television: “She watched TV all the time, she watched all the programs, she had a giant TV in the room and He got angry with this. She had to be there by medical prescription. They were very intense care and since the summer my mother's health has deteriorated greatly. She has been quiet for two years. “Everyone has come to see it,” explained Manuel.

About Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Díaz Ayuso

It must be remembered that the actress Marisa Paredes, at the doors of the burning chapel at the Teatro La Latina, despised the attendance of the president of the Community of Madrid: “What are you doing here? Get out!”, he snapped. The President of the Government, for his part, was booed by citizens gathered around.

The son of the protagonist of Teresa of Jesus has come out in defense of both, although she has not gone into evaluating the artist's comment either: “These are tense moments that are experienced on the street. I send a hug to Pedro Sánchez, Ayuso. The atmosphere on the street is very tense and I don't care. me to. All my love to the president and president, they have both behaved very well. The next day the two sent me a handwritten letter that I have saved with the kings' telegrams.”has explained.

In this sense, he has announced that a space is being prepared in Madrid where certain belongings of his mother will be exhibited, such as these manuscripts or all the recognitions he received throughout his extensive career: “We are going to prepare a very beautiful place that we cannot yet say and we may frame them. I have them all saved. From heaven I think she is telling me things”.