“Concha Velasco’s health is not going through a good time,” says her environment

Long time no see Shell Velasco leaving the Orpea Punta Galera residence, on the outskirts of Madrid, to which he decided to move (as we anticipated in the scoop) after leaving the center for the elderly in a central Madrid neighborhood, when he left the family home. The great actress, who turns 83 in a month, went out to the theater with her children from time to time, especially with Manuel, but we haven’t seen her enjoy a show in the city since before the summer.

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“Concha Velasco’s health is not going through a good time”, people close to the family tell us. Last week, Concha received a visit from her friend, director Pedro Olea, with whom she made memorable films such as Torment o Pum, Pum, Pum, Fire (1975), one of his most applauded performances, where he demonstrated his great talent and versatility.

Forever friends do not forget Concha, an endearing character, intelligent and a person always full of humor and conversation. They are worried about your health and your state of mind. Although this residence, near the Madrid town of Las Rozas, has gardens and plenty of space to be outdoors, Concha misses her home, her things and her family.