Concern about the state of health of Luis del Olmo after suffering a new fall

Luis del Olmo He has been going through various health bumps in recent months. After being absent last November from the Antena de Oro awards due to a serious fall in the bathtub of his home, the 87-year-old veteran journalist has confessed that he slipped on the streets of Tarragona and Roda de Berà in the last days.

The other day I walked through the streets of Tarragona and Roda de Berà and I thought I couldn’t attend your talk here tonight“, the radio host confessed this Saturday on the program Col·lapsepresented by Ricard Ustrell on TV3.

Likewise, Luis de Olmo revealed: “I’m a little better than yesterday and yesterday I was a little better than the day before, because my mountain body, which is already eighty years old,“.

To solve this delicate stage of his life, the leading communicator has the support of his wife Mercedes González, which was key for Olmo not to cancel his interview in the aforementioned space. “The power and drive of my wife who told me that I have to go, because here I am. Ready for you, your spectators and your listeners“Olmo said in the talk.

Last November, Luis del Olmo suffered a fall after slipping in the bathtub at his home and was rushed to the hospital. This spectacular domestic accident prevented him from attending the Golden Antennas gala to collect in person the award that had been awarded to him.