Concepción: “I'm not used to talking about hypotheses”

Miguel Concepción, president of Tenerife, has issued a statement on Thursday afternoon and to which Cadena SER had access, in which he defended his position on the information uncovered by said station in recent days. “He was not used to talking about hypotheses”, Wrote in a personal capacity the maximum blue and white president.

Tenerife Shield / Flag

“Regarding the news that has appeared in some media and that seeks to tarnish my name in relation to the management of CD Tenerife during the last 15 years, they refer to a mere hypothesis that has not yet happened as they are founded in a judgment of the Court that is not yet final“, he wielded.

“I am not used to commenting on hypotheses that have not happened,” added the palmero. “In addition, I have full respect for the Supreme Court for its work in the cassation process, which will take time. “The last paragraph encouraged by” avoiding unnecessary and malicious speculation on situations that have not yet happened and that may not happen“.

The director thus defends himself from a known information on Thursday morning in which the Higher Council of Sport (CSD) warned that Concepción will be “disqualified immediately” at the moment in which his conviction for fraud is final. As it is not yet known when this situation will happen, the president clings to a “hypothesis”. And hence your statement.

In addition, in recent days, SER itself reported that the President's Television Network and their radio have benefited from “finger” agreements receiving money from the club. It was reported that Channel 4 broadcast up to 14 times a week, the matches of the women's children's team.

This circumstance adds to the criticism that the entity received for the legal but not moral activity of its Foundation that the Prosecutor's Office is investigating, among other things the collection of the rent of the grounds of the Sports City to its own Foundation or the income of money for the visits of the footballers to the hospitals.