Conceiçao, about Tuchel: “The man next door insulted me”

After the conclusion of the match between Chelsea and Porto, which qualified Tuchel's men for the Champions League semi-finals, there was tension between the two coaches. On the lawn there was confusion and it was not seen what exactly had happened. The players faced each other and stained what until then had been a tie without altercations. Conceiçao wanted to clarify it in the flash interview: “This man next door (Tuchel) insulted me. He was telling the referee that the fourth official heard these insults. That's all”.

Porto Shield / Flag

In addition, he explained why his team did not reach the semi-finals and why Portugal does not have European successes: “I am enormously proud of the team that I have and of the effort that the players made to be here. In order not to finish the Champions League in April and to do it in May, more is needed from everyone in the country. Today we play a game above average. We did not let the rival use his strongest weapons. Sometimes we go into the last third with less definition, but we create opportunities. I'm disappointed, I'm sad because we, Porto, deserved more and we deserved to be present in the semifinals“.

This is how the technician closed his appearance: “We must reflect on what did not go well, because if we are out it is because something did not go well. It was one of the best matches as a coach. “Now, he has to focus on the League:” I think we are going to have a very difficult game in Madeira and we will continue to fight for the championship. “

Tuchel: “We deserved to beat Porto in 180 'very hard”

Chelsea manager, Thomas tuchel, stressed that Porto created many problems for them in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League on Tuesday, but that, in the overall tie, they had deserved to “beat” the Portuguese team.

“It was a difficult match and it was difficult to escape the pressure that Porto put us under, attacking fluidly and aggressively. After a difficult start, we have been improving with the passage of the minutes, we defended well and we deserved to have finished the game without conceding goals “, Tuchel said at the end of the meeting to 'BT Sports'.

The German coach made it clear that his team had “the best chances, although they weren't many.” “Until the goal in the last minute, we did not allow the rival many chances and I think that, in general, we deserved to beat Porto in 180 very hard minutes“he added.

In addition, he recalled that the Portuguese team “normally forces their rivals to play below their normal level.” “It happened to Manchester City in the group stage and also to Juventus in eighth,” concluded the Chelsea manager. -Europa Press