Competition withdraws the red from Greenwood


The Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) considered this Friday the allegations presented by Getafe and decided to withdraw the red card that was shown to English midfielder Mason Greenwood last Tuesday in the match against Rayo Vallecano.

The 'blue' player was sent off directly after addressing Figueroa Vázquez in protest at the failure to signal a possible foul and the Andalusian referee stated in his act that it had been for saying 'Fuck you'.

Getafe defended that Greenwood's expression had been different and not directed at the referee and alleged before Competition that what he said was 'One, two, three, four, fuck' and which was “demonstrated thanks to the videographic evidence” that he provided, and “to the report of a sworn translator”, emphasizing that these words “are commonly or colloquially used in English to express disagreement with a decision, but it cannot be understood that they imply inconsideration , insult, contempt or derogatory expression”.

The organization warned that “the repeated viewing of the images” had allowed it to conclude, “beyond any doubt, that the action that led to the expulsion did not occur as described by the referee”, so there was an “error manifest material in the arbitration report”.

“Beyond the fact that this Committee considers that it is an inappropriate way to address the referee of the match, what is truly relevant here is that what he himself stated in the minutes did not occur. Therefore, the allegations should be considered. , and the action indicated in the arbitration report must remain without disciplinary consequences,” he ruled.

On the other hand, Competition did sanction Getafe's Uruguayan full-back Damián Suárez for his attitude “of contempt or inconsideration” towards one of the referees and which led to him being sent off once he was substituted, the same punishment that has fallen on Rubén Sobrino (Cádiz ) “for occurring in a violent manner on the sidelines of the game” in the duel against Granada, and to Celta's substitute goalkeeper Iván Villar.