Competition takes yellow from Advíncula and will be against Fuenla

The Competition Committee has agreed with Rayo Vallecano and has left without effect the yellow seen by Advíncula at Carranza. And therefore, the consequent sanction is also without effect, since that card was the fifth for the Peruvian. Finally, Paco Jémez will be able to count on the right back for the match against Fuenlabrada on Wednesday (Vallecas, 9:45 p.m.), but not with midfielder Joni Montiel. Despite the allegations of the franjirrojo club, Competition keeps him red and the derby will be lost.

Lightning had appealed both cards, just as Paco Jémez announced as soon as the match against Cádiz ended. “In neither of the two actions the referee — Sagués Oscoz — is very successful and that has made a very good match. However, in those two specific actions it has hurt us a lot. In fact, we are going to appeal both, “said the redhead coach. What's more, The Vallecano club is ready to continue fighting and is going to appeal to Joni Montiel.

Lightning Shield / Flag

The Ray has always relied on the clarity of the images. Above all, in those referring to the yellow of Advíncula. The franjirrojo defender does not even touch Quezada, in a divided ball. In fact, the cadista soccer player is injured by a bad movement in the knee, which ended up leading him to ask for the change. This card outraged the Peruvian, who repeatedly called on the referee and the assistant, located just one meter from the play.