#Come on, show Cholo's face when he sees Griezmann enter

The 'Griezmann case' continues to speak. The 35 minutes warming up of the French to play only the last four have left a long list of reactions and statements, the last one being collected by the #Vamos cameras. When Grizzy was caiacontecido in the band, waiting for his entry on the field of play, you can see an incredulous Simeone who bites even his lip, without giving credit to the situation his ex-boyfriend is experiencing. Cholo already avoided talking about the change in the post-match press conference, “without words” the coach slipped.

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Simeone bites her lip in disbelief.

The French press considered it a “humiliation” to a player of Griezmann's caliber and stressed that the Frenchman “deserves better.” While both the brother and the father of the player have also been protagonists of the post-match with their interventions, coming to point directly at Quique Setién the latter (“He does not have the keys to the truck, he is a passenger”), since the Cantabrian, despite admitting that he understood the frustration of the striker and saying that he would speak to him, stated that he would not apologize for the decision he had made.

Griezmann takes refuge in his family

For his part, the protagonist of the story has not spoken and has uploaded to Instagram a photo with his wife, Erika Choperena, in which they are both smiling and in a very good mood. The couple married on July 15, 2017, so the third anniversary of the wedding is approaching.

The striker lives difficult moments in Can Barça and nothing better than taking refuge in the family and in celebrations to put aside the irregular campaign that he is living in his first year at Barça.