Colate Vallejo-Nágera signs for Sonsoles and debuts with a ‘zasca’ to the boss: “It bothers me that you always ask me the same thing”

The journalist inaugurated the new season of her program last week but this Tuesday she surprised with a new addition to the team of collaborators: Vallejo-Nágera flows. The ex of Paulina Rubio He has been presented as the guest of the day and has even had some really uncomfortable moments before his ‘boss’ broke the news: “He will be our correspondent in Miami.”

Ónega explained: “His signing has been delayed for different reasons but it is now done. Colate will inform us of the latest news from there and will also bring us closer to the most chic places in the city.” He wanted to make it clear: “I’m not going to chase celebrities either, eh?”

And Colate’s attitude on Antena 3 has not exactly been the most relaxed. Maybe they wanted to play the game of distraction and it got a little out of hand because Sonsoles began the interview by putting his finger on the sore spot: “Do you know what’s going on? I don’t know what to ask you, because they’ve told me that I can’t talk about everything.” that I would like to know.” And he continued: “Your representative has given us a list of things we cannot ask: Paulina Rubio, girlfriends…”. To which he responded very seriously: “There is no prohibition, you can ask me whatever you want, but I have more interesting things to tell than that.” And he added: “It bothers me that you always ask me the same thing. I am more than an ex. Since I separated I have done more than 500 programs, I have businesses…”.

The scuffle dragged on: “What am I asking you then? Give me a headline,” Sonsoles said. “Let me give you a headline? You do it, it’s your program,” he responded. The presenter tried to relax the atmosphere: “How do you like to be called, Nicolás or Colate?” “It depends on who does it. You call me Nicolás,” he concluded, without detailing that ‘Colate’ is the nickname used by his friends and family. Apparently, Ónega is not yet among them.

A little calmer, he revealed that the last few years have been very complicated due to his legal problems with Paulina Rubio and the custody of their son together: “All the difficulties I have experienced have made me a better man, stronger and more complete because What makes you grow the most in this life is having a hard time and I have had a very hard time and I have learned a lot. What I have left of Paulina is my son, it is hard work and I do it with passion. I wash, I iron, I cook , I take him to school… The days he is with me, I dedicate myself completely to him.”