Colate, after Paulina Rubio’s passage through Spain and her outbursts: “I thought I was in Miami with our son”

paulina rubio is promoting music in Spain on the occasion of his new song, It’s not my fault. The Golden Girl is giving a lot to talk about for certain moments that she has starred in with Sonsoles Onega o with Eva Soriano in different interviews. pourwho spends a few days in Spain, had no idea of ​​the singer’s plans to visit our country.

“What surprises me is that he is here because I thought he was in Miami with our son, but hey,” the businessman confessed to the cameras of Europapress. The relationship between the two is very tense and since they ended their marriage in 2012, their disputes in court over custody of the little Nicowhich is already 13 years old, have not stopped.

“I didn’t know he was here and I found out because a lot of people are writing to me,” reiterated the brother of Samantha Vallejo – Nágera, without going into assessing the outbursts of his ex on certain television programs: “I’m not going to you to talk about it.”

Colate lives abroad, but has returned to Spain for a few days to see family, be with friends and meet a series of commitments. However, Pau’s trip, he insists, has taken him by surprise: “I have come here [a Madrid] because I have just been with my son and he had to go with her. That is why I have come for a few days to see my family and to work a little”.

At the moment, they have no intention of settling permanently in Spain: “I left last summer, in August, for the United States and until now I have not returned. I was at the bullfights the other day. Eating, family, the best country the world even though people criticize him because he has no idea what it’s like to live abroad. He lives in the United States to be close to his son: “My priority is still my son and I’m going back next week to be with him. My dad’s life is demanding and it keeps me out of here, but one day I’ll be back.”

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In another order of things, Colate, who presented her memoirs almost a year ago, has also spoken about her great friend Ana Obregonon everyone’s lips for the maternity of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón: “We have been friends for 42 years, I remembered it with her the other day. The other day I communicated with her and she is very busy, a baby is a lot of work. I understand that she has no time for anything and nothing, but I do believe that “She’s happy and I’m happy for her. I was working outside, I didn’t find out, I was missing in Argentina working and when I came back I saw everything. I’m glad she’s happy.”