Clemente Villaverde: “There is the possibility of playing a single match on a neutral field”

Clemente Villaverde, CEO of Getafe, appeared in the press room to give the official version of the club after UEFA decided to suspend the first leg of the round of 16 of the Europa League against Inter Milan. The president spoke of the real possibility of a single match being played on neutral ground and behind closed doors.

Shield / Flag Getafe

Behind closed doors and single game?: “There is the possibility of playing a single match on a neutral field. It is in line with the progress of the championship. It is one of the options being considered. The decision that UEFA will take will be the right one.”

UEFA decision: “We are waiting for UEFA to communicate a solution to us, but we want to thank them for their help, for knowing how to understand the circumstances surrounding the game. We support the solution that will be transferred to us.”

Unknowns: “We do not know if it is going to be the party or the parties. A place is being looked for to celebrate the party or the parties, but it is a good and feasible solution for all. The fact that a solution could be found is favorable for football and teams. “

How the suspension was created: “Both the relationship with Inter and UEFA have been daily. We have been constantly in communication. At all times, we have had full knowledge of what was happening. The solution adopted is for UEFA's knowledge of what was happening. happening”.

Suspension: “It is a common sense initiative. All parties involved were aware of the situation. We could not previously establish the scope, there has been intention from all parties.”

Costumes: “The position of the players is to train, prepare the goals and the coaches the same. They have been outside the institutional situation. This is how they will continue to function.”