Clemente is forceful with the VAR

He Return to the competitive ‘normality’ of The league became effective, with the main novelty of playing door
closed. After the break there was a question of how the players would arrive and under what conditions they would face the succession of matches in such a short space of time, but for now the trainers are knowing drive their means, helped by the regulations to be able to carry out five changes.

This is reflected Javier
Gracious, who wanted to offer their vision of how the league is going so far and has written various
messages in your account Twitter in which it does not leave the Var in good place.

After the pandemic and seeing 2 days of each team, there are some aspects to consider. The physical rhythm does not go badly and that is in part to the five substitutions, to the stops to cool off and of course, to the enormous time that the VAR stops to analyze the plays”, He points out, referring to excessive interruptions due to video arbitration.

And speaking of VAR, we would already like to know why he canceled Valencia's goal. They are creating more doubts and discussions than when it did not exist“He admits emphatically, making it clear that rather than clarifying questions about the game, what he does is increase the controversy.

The more player changes they let make and the more games they play during the week, the more they favor big teams, but they do harm the coach who does not know what changes to make.“, keep going.

As the games progress, the matches between teams involved in achieving goals will be vital, because there will be teams that at one point will not play anything and we will hear negative comments”, Ends with his presentation.