“Clear as water”: the letter that reveals “the anxiety and anguish” of Juan Ortega before his wedding

From rock bottom popularity levels (at least outside the bullfighting arena) to trending topic since last Saturday due to the sit-in he gave his girlfriend, Carmen Otte, just half an hour after the start of the ceremony in Jerez de la Frontera. Since then, the reasons that led the bullfighter to make this drastic decision have made for a real soap opera. Among them, there is talk of the possible bad relationship between Juan Ortega and her family, especially her father, her father-in-law.

In the middle of this context, a letter that the bullfighter wrote in August for bullfighting reasons has come to light. However, his handwriting has revealed some revealing details, which have been analyzed to the smallest detail by the graphologist and calligraphy expert. Begoña Slocker on Telecinco.

Her way of writing, according to her, says a lot: “It shows a lot of anxiety and anguish before making decisions and worrying about the future.” His writing has also revealed the following: “He is a boy who is very protective of his people (..) He is a boy clear as water. He has been under a lot of pressure for a long time and the same has tried to defend himself“.

In this sense, he adds: “There is neither concealment nor strategy. He is a boy who is fighting for his truth“. However, it does extract other nuances: “The rubric at a sharp angle indicates that is on the defensive. He is a man who, if attacked, knows how to defend himself. He is a boy with mental agility and intelligence“.

Juan Ortega's motives

It is already an open secret: the reason why the right-hander canceled his wedding in Jerez de la Frontera thirty minutes before “I do” was family pressures and the tense relationship between the groom and those who were going to become in-laws. . Especially with him, a well-known businessman in the area who demanded more attention from the bullfighter for his daughter: “You care more about the field than she does”.

People close to the hard core of the Jerez soap opera claim that the differences between Juan Ortega and the father of his cardiologist girlfriend began a year ago but intensified in recent weeks. “This year, the father has gotten involved as if he were the third in this relationship,” they explained this Thursday in TardeAR. However, their friends explain that they both love each other very much, so reconciliation could be just around the corner.