Clara Chía, new ‘patron’ of Piqué’s case in Espluges: everything ready for the arrival of Milan and Sasha

The former soccer player is already in Barcelona after having spent six days in Miami in the company of his children. The first thing he has done, as a good lover, is to meet again with Clara Chiawhose latest images on social networks place her in the Esplugues de Llobregat mansion that was once the family home of the Piqué Mebarak.

We do not know if they correspond to these days but they do show that Clara is already posing from the terrace where she was walking a year ago Shakira, whom the Blaugrana’s friends nicknamed ‘La Patrona’ for her airs of superiority. It would not be strange to see the couple in the area more frequently from now on, because Gerard Piqué and her parents are preparing the house to receive milan and sashawho will return to Barcelona at the end of May to spend a month and a half, taking advantage of the school holidays, as stipulated in the agreement their parents signed.

The family environment suggests that the paternal grandparents, Joan and Montserrat, they are eager to hug their grandchildren again. They will spend as much time with them as possible, although it is likely that Piqué will also plan activities with Clara, whom Milan and Sasha could finally meet in a more familiar environment. Close sources assure that the contact between the children and that of Kosmos is not to Shakira’s liking, but that of Barranquilla knows that she cannot prohibit it or prevent it.

“There was no fight with Tonino”

Several Latin media pointed out this Wednesday that Piqué’s visit to Miami ended with a fistfight. specifically with Tonino, Shakira’s brother. However, Piqué’s circle has denied said information in Ana Rosa’s program: “The deal is not as friendly as before, there may be some disagreement, but it is resolved in a reasonable way and, of course, nobody loses their temper”, they have said. “In fact, they tell me that Tonino and Piqué call each other on the phone and the fluid communication is no longer with his ex, but with Shakira’s brother,” added Pepe del Real.