Clamor for Jovic

Luka Jovic has hardly had opportunities at Real Madrid. Neither this season. The Serbian striker has not counted for Carlo Ancelotti, who has lined him up 17 times this season (only 2 of them at the start), and in Germany they are wondering about his future. He returned to the white team after his mid-season loan at Eintracht Frankfurt, but his situation in the Spanish capital has not changed. His career is on the wane: in the 18 games he played with the Germans last season he scored more goals (4) than in his entire time at Real Madrid (3), since he arrived in the summer of 2019.

Jović's photo

That is why Dragoslav Stepanovic, former Serbian coach of Athletic Bilbao and Eintracht legend, has analyzed what happens to the striker. Stevanovic was his confidante during the Serbian striker’s brilliant stage in Frankfurt and, although he has been harsh with him due to off-sports situations, he has defended him on several occasions. He is now calling for a drastic change in the career of the Real Madrid striker, since he sees his future seriously jeopardized if he stays longer at the Santiago Bernabéu. “Time is already a big problem for him. Luka hasn’t played regularly for three years. He never knows when he’s going to be used. He should move to a club where he is regular and where he can reach the top level again and save his career. At Real there is no opportunity for him. Luka is now just a stand-in. He has to leave Real Madrid!”, Stepanovic explained in Sport1.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

At this moment, his compatriot recognizes that Jovic is in a limit situation. Either he makes a drastic decision or his career, at 24 years old, could be in danger. Luka Jovic still has a contract with Real Madrid until 2025. And against him also play the 60M euros that the white team paid to Eintracht. An amount that he will not be able to recover but that Real Madrid will do everything possible to compensate. Yes ok Stevanovic believes that the best thing would have been to stay in Frankfurt after last year’s loanthe operation was not viable.