Cinco Días: Blackstone keeps several Ramos fields in Los Berrocales due to non-payment

Blackstone, a North American real estate investment fund, has agreed to pay a piece of land in Los Berrocales, Madrid, which was owned by the Real Madrid player, Sergio Ramos, according to the newspaper Cinco Días.

The white captain invested in land of up to 500,000 square meters in the Madrid area where up to 22,000 homes are expected to be builts through the company Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Berrocales. This newspaper assures that the municipal urban plan for that area has suffered different delays and the business did not finish starting dragging with a mortgage loan that amounted to 35 million euros.

This debt was assumed by Banco Pastor but ended up in the hands of Santander, which it transferred to Blackstone within the portfolio of doubtful loans, according to information from Cinco Días. This medium affirms that, to end this situation, Sergio Ramos made use of the dation in payment, that is, canceling the debt with the delivery of the asset on which the loan hangs and not with money. Cinco Días adds that the player's environment denies that this was the system used and that it was the central who paid the loan he had to Santander and sold that land to four real estate agencies. They would have denied that newspaper that this had happened.

These Berrocales lands, as it appears in the deeds to which Cinco Dias has had access, are now in the hands of Inversiones Inmobiliarias Canvives, a subsidiary of Blackstone and Banco Santander.

Cinco Días adds that Sergio Ramos' company, DILB, still retains land in this area thanks to an operation to sell a right of withdrawal to three real estate developers who compensated that it did not enter the bid with the delivery of more land in this area of community.