Chus Mateo: “Llull has blown up the game”


The Real Madrid coach, Chus Mateo, highlighted this Wednesday that Sergio Llull had “dynamited the game” against FC Barcelona in the first game of their Endesa League semi-final, which ended with a 97-78 victory for the Merengue team in the WiZink Center.

“In general terms we have played a good defensive game, we have been quite active, we have only lost the second quarter. Where we are, playing a semi-final against Barcelona which is a great team, there was a moment where they had regained a certain advantage; but Llull has appeared, which is a luxury to have and has dynamited the game at times. But well, Facundo and Tavares have also had an extraordinary performance,” Mateo summarized at a press conference.

“We have maintained a fairly high level of intensity in general throughout the game. I am very proud of the attitude of the boys, of the energy to which they have been predisposed at all times. I think you can see that the team, regardless of whether you win or lose, he has character,” stressed the Madrid coach.

In addition, he described this result as “a good victory against a very powerful rival, a difficult opponent and because we come from where we come from,” he alluded to the recent defeat against Panathinaikos in the Euroleague final.

“Also from time to time it is nice to see the character that the team has, the pride. In sport you can win or lose, this has happened to us and will continue to happen to us, but you have to keep your head high when you are proud and also because of the work which everyone has been doing since the beginning of the season,” he added in this regard.

He then continued his analysis of the outcome of the Euroleague. “We lost an inopportune match because we all had hope in that, but we also have hope in this and we know that from now on a title is coming. And we have to do it well, first of all for ourselves and for the work we have done, we deserve to show that we want to go for everything and hopefully things turn out well for us,” he said about the Endesa League.

On the other hand, he praised Campazzo and Tavares. “They are pillar players of this team, they are a pillar, each one in their position. I am especially happy for them because they are honest guys at work,” he stressed about the good performance of both during the victory against Barça.

“I have a team that I can only take my hat off to,” stressed Mateo, confident ahead of the next matches. “We have the competitive rhythm, we are clear about that because we have fought against top-level European teams,” recalled the Merengue coach.

“So on a physical level, we know what there is. We know that this League is merciless, the final moment arrives and there is no moment to relax. From here to the end it is going to be just as hard and having the entire team prepared helps a lot , even if it is to give a short rotation and not lower the level,” concluded Mateo.