Christian Gálvez's deep reflection after becoming a father

Christian Galvez and Patricia Pardo presented their first child together, Luca, on December 24. They did it in the vicinity of the hospital, although the presenter has also talked about the baby and his newfound paternity through his Instagram profile.

Regarding the birth of Luca, Gálvez shared a deep reflection in his last post of the social network. Specifically, he cited American clergyman Henry Ward Beecher.

“We do not know the love of parents until we have our own children,” reads the publication of the writer, who a few days ago also wrote some words dedicated to his son.

“We found the 'light' and the 'way' in each other, and now you come, so desired, to further illuminate our paths. They were roses. Today they have bloomed. Welcome, Luca! “He expressed, including a photograph where his hand and that of his wife grab the little one's.

In his first statements after the baby was born, Pardo said that the birth was “wonderful.” And, for his part, Christian revealed the tranquility he felt when the baby was already on his wife's chest. “When she laid little Luca on her chest it was amazing,” he confessed.

Although the one who was the presenter of Pass word he debuted as a fatherFor Patricia this was her third birth. The journalist already has two daughters, Aurora (7) y Sofia (5), fruit of his relationship with the police Francisco Marquez.

“Aurora looked like she had given birth,” commented the communicator, suggesting that her two daughters were eager to meet the new member of the family.