Christian Gálvez’s birthday party for Patricia Pardo while Almudena Cid “suffers her own thing”: “I love you”

Almudena Cid She still hasn’t recovered from her ex-husband’s paternity announcement, Christian Galvezy Patricia Pardo, who got married just a few months after they ended their marriage. Someone who knows her very well has told us: “The issue of children was always very complicated for them. When he wanted, she was not prepared and the other way around. Hence now she is suffering her own thing.” At this moment she takes refuge in her new boyfriend, the former soccer player. Gerardo Berodia.

At the same time that this information reaches us, the presenter of 25 words and the presenter of The summer program They have shown their happiness on social networks. The Galician turned 40 last Tuesday, September 5, and her husband, who turned 43 in May, surprised her this weekend with an impressive birthday party for her, full of moments and details that were very significant to her. At the party, in addition to her friends and family, Patricia’s daughters were also present, Aurora y Sofiaboth fruit of her first marriage to police officer Francisco Márquez.

“Impossible to explain everything I experienced yesterday. The people who accompanied us know that I am not exaggerating. That is why it is so difficult to thank you in words Christian,” the Galician communicator wrote this Sunday on Instagram.

“Finding a partner who will give you an expensive gift is only a material issue, but finding someone who gives their time and energy and who knows you to the point of doing something as personal and impressive as what you did for me yesterday “It’s a miracle. You are mine,” he added.

This is how Patricia summarized her birthday party: “There was dedication, complicity, dedication and devotion in every detail yesterday. You were the link to my essential friends and all those people, whom I love with my soul, elevated that great party even more “.

The party did not miss a single detail: “Bagpipes and fire to ‘queimar ás meigas’, the spirituality that unites us so much, recently arrived from Jerusalem [donde el matrimonio estuvo de vacaciones] and an explosion of good vibes and clean energy from all our friends. “You are even closer after the communion that took place yesterday.”

Next, Patricia had more words of gratitude for her husband: “I love you Christian for your way of loving, feeling and living. For infecting me with your inexhaustible enthusiasm and for making each day a better surprise than the day before. What happened yesterday was born from that place that only you have and that I adore: your essence. Thank you 999 for sharing it with me.

This week, both also starred in a very exciting moment live. Gálvez entered through a call to The summer program to talk about the sad death of Maria Teresa Campos. The presenter recognized that María Teresa “came to participate in the contest [Pasapalabra] just to be with me.” At the end of her speech, Patricia said about her husband: “He is a very special boy.”

Almudena Cid, affected

Her entourage has told us that the former gymnast is still having a really bad time. The paternity announcement of the two presenters came at the end of July, but the actress and writer has not yet processed it: “She can’t help it. Almudena is super sensitive and had a really bad time with their separation. She believed that Christian was the man of her life and although they lived through difficult times, she thought it was forever.

Almudena and Christian were married for eleven years, from 2010 to the end of 2021, forming one of the most beloved and apparently consolidated couples on the national scene. However, just a few months after the end of the marriage, he said “I do” with his Mediaset partner, as they themselves revealed on their social networks.