Cholo recovers the Commander

De Paul’s finger appears in the photo as painted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. He points to a colleague, he points to José María Giménez. Before them one of those warm-ups of the Profe that actually serve to unite, make pineapple: fut-table. Piques, good vibes, laughter fill the Cerro del Espino. Five battles ahead to win a war, the one in which Atleti more than against others (Sevilla, Barça, Betis, Real Sociedad…) plays against itself and its irregular season. He returns to LaLiga after a mini break (the Cup final) and he does so with the only goal in mind: to qualify among the top four. It is the title that remains, the only one, to the last League champion. The Commander is ready. Simeone recovers it.

Photo of Gimenez

Jose Maria Gimenez. The one who moved with his words before Ricardo Sierra’s microphone at the end of Atlético-Valencia, which ended with a comeback in the Metropolitano (3-2) returns. And it also excites on the pitch, with a delivery that knows no wounds or scars: always goes with everything The Uruguayan leaves the infirmary to face the end of LaLiga, in a game in which Savic is missing (sanctioned), how difficult this League seems for them to play together. The usual has weighed him down, those bites in the muscles that have led him to play just over fifty percent (57%) of the games in the Leaguewho has formed 61% of the starting eleven alone.

next to Reinildo

Whoever tried it, knows it, that Lope de Vega wrote. And in this story no one knows like Cholo. That the Commander is reliability, that forcefulness that he looks for in his area, at the feet of Oblak, while Griezmann and Suárez dig into the opposite. The arrival of Reinildo coincided with the return of that couple who is the starter for Cholo in the center of his defense, Oblak’s guardians: Giménez and Savic. Together they closed the door, the bleeding, 34 balls at the bottom of the Slovenian net, more than ever on February 16, when Atlético bottomed out against Levante. But Reinildo, Giménez and Savic were finally able to start together and Atlético conceded just three goals in seven games. He built a wall again. Until that bite returned, against Cádiz, before the second leg of the Champions League, against United. Giménez forced and played, but against Alavés again, a greater pain, a tear in his muscle, before City, against whom he wanted to play but his body did not let him. Now, recovered, he will be in eleven, he will be in San Mamés. To put the key back. Although Savic is missing.