Chile leads the change of third in the Gran Canaria SSL Gold Cup


The second day of the round of 32 in the Gran Canaria SSL Gold Cup was resolved this Friday with changes in the general classification and new teams aspiring to be first in the group, with Chile’s prominent role in Group 1, capable of turning around its situation later of almost being out of combat.

Chile, the Republic of South Africa, Tahiti and Lithuania lead the four World Cup groups organized by the Star Sailors League and the Royal Canary Islands Sailing Federation. The most talked-about performance this Friday was that of Chile, which took the lead in Las Palmas. After being on the verge of being left out in the thirty-second, Pablo Lorca’s men recovered their good feelings aboard the SSL47 and added a valuable partial victory.

In Group 4, Lithuania repeats in first position, ahead of Canada by three points, with an advantage of more than a minute and a half at the finish line over the Slovenia team. Meanwhile, in Group 2, Tahiti broke its streak and Hungary took the partial victory, although Teva Plichart’s team maintains the lead, by one point over the Hungarians.

In addition, South Africa became the new leader of Group 3, after a bad start by Croatia, which rushed in its approach to the starting line from one end and was forced to turn around a few seconds before the horn. The South African crew dominated from start to finish, ahead of Portugal and Croatia.