Chico Linares: “Cádiz suffers until the last game, but they succeed”

Chico Linares (4-4-1958, 64 years old; Cádiz) attended AS in the run-up to the match against Real Madrid. The former soccer player played 13 years at Cádiz and eight of these seasons in the First Division. He knows better than anyone that the Cadiz team manages to remain in the elite of national football by suffering until the last game. So he remained in his dressing room for seven years in the category, suffering a lot and fighting until the end. The matches against Madrid are always special and even more so if a victory is achieved that brings them closer to permanence, as Linares affirms. In addition, he acknowledges that he was lucky enough to play with Mágico González for several years and affirms that the Salvadoran’s change of pace is hardly comparable.

– How did you see Cádiz against Real Sociedad?

– I suffered a lot. They weren’t good at all. Until this game it was one of the teams that came in the best shape. Perhaps the coach was a little overconfident and did not bring out important people who were in a good moment for that game. Whoever wears it understands it, but it seemed strange to me not to use people who have been very good in previous games.

Real Madrid is not going to give us anything; we saw it against Levante

Boy Linares

– Three games in practically a week is something complicated for the coaches, isn’t it?

– It’s complicated, but as a player it doesn’t matter. Normally there has always been by means of competition. If it’s not the League, it’s the Cup and there have been many weeks with three games and the players put up with it well.

– Does Chico Linares trust the permanence?

– I’m from Cádiz and if it’s not until the last game it’s not Cádiz. I am sure that the last game will be fundamental for us. Until the last moment Cádiz suffers.

– You know a lot about dying saves.

– That’s why I say, it usually happens, but we almost always got over it. Hopefully this time between the positive.

I trained for many years with Mágico and what I did is very difficult

Boy Linares

– What was your secret to spend so many years in the First Division?

– The fight, the dedication, the fight and that little bit of luck that is also needed in football at important moments. You are also driven by the fans, the atmosphere, the people, who in Cádiz are quite positive and you feel supported to go for it all.

– Do you see similarities between this wardrobe and yours?

Chico Linares with the Nuevo Mirandilla background, poses for AS in the historic La Escalerilla bar, a paradise for cadism.

– I don’t know the locker room today, but in my time, 70 or 80 percent were people from Cádiz and the province, there were few people from outside, but all those who came adapted perfectly to the atmosphere of our locker room.

– The matches against Madrid are always special.

– It’s playing with one of the two best, at least from my time. There are players who are very motivated by that and it can be positive at the moment. They are not going to give us anything because we have already seen that against Levante, who did not play anything, they scored six goals.

We had a year of ‘Matagigantes’ and we beat all the greats

Boy Linares

– That game against Levante seems to have demoralized the fans, who thought that Madrid would arrive almost on vacation.

– People think that since nothing is at stake they are going to reserve for the final, but Vinicius did not want them to remove him until he put in another one, those who come out and are crazy to make merits to continue in the squad… The ‘second team’ del Madrid, to call it in some way, enters among the leaders of the First Division.

– In his 8 years in the First Division with Cádiz, he faced Madrid many times.

– Well yes, and we also won. We had a year of Matagigantes, which we beat all the greats, but with those of our category it did not go so well. In the Cup we also had them once almost liquidated and in the end in five minutes they made a comeback like these that Madrid does and they threw our illusions to the ground.

– The normal thing is to lose, but when you win happiness is immense.

– And more in the circumstances that we are in, that Cádiz winning a game, I think it will stay, and if it is achieved against Madrid, then much more. We had the chance against Barcelona, ​​who came here to celebrate being League Champions and, although we were already relegated, we scored four goals against them. I hope that, even with just one goal, but that history repeats itself against Madrid.

– What advice would you give the team for these two remaining games?

– That they continue with the attitude that they have had in the previous matches against Real Sociedad, that once you are on the pitch you can be the same and I think that Cádiz has much more motivation than Madrid to win, so put it on everything. And strong mentality, no nerves and go for it all. Do not save anything.

– You played in the current Nuevo Mirandilla as a visitor, is it a difficult field for the rival?

– I played with Recreativo de Huelva and I think that was the only time I put Carranza up (laughs). It is a very difficult field. I haven’t had the chance to play on the piece of field that it is now, ours was shorter, but it always filled up and the atmosphere is great. It motivates a lot.

– Does Chico like VAR?

– No way! I would like for the goal, if it goes in or not. As for the rest, I don’t like it at all because now all the players know how to throw themselves, look for contact and football has always been contact. Now many games are lost due to very light plays. It is seen in the image, but there is not always enough contact. I would only use it to know if it is a goal or if a play is inside the area, but the decisions would be left to the referee.

– He played with Magico, is he the best in the world?

– I was lucky enough to train with him for many years and I think that what he did is very difficult. There are a couple of players comparable to him technically, such as Maradona or Messi, but that change of pace that Mágico had, that technique for me is the best I’ve seen.

– What did you think when you saw him play?

– I thought that we wish we had a free kick on the edge of the area so that he could take it or that he would have one of those lucid moments and make his move, because the rest of us practically dedicated ourselves to running and defending waiting for him to resolve. The ball always to Magico. Find him and have him make his move or assist him. That he put it in or leave it clear.

– Forecast for Sunday.

– I think Cádiz will win.