Chenoa's saddest Christmas: from her divorce to the biggest disaster in the history of Operación Triunfo

Chenoa y Miguel Sánchez Encinas They face their first parties apart after saying “I do” in June 2022. The singer is not in the mood to resume her marriage with the prestigious urologist and although at first there was talk of temporary separation, everything indicates that we are facing a irreversible divorce. On a professional level, the Spanish-Argentine artist faces another disaster: the edition of Triumph operation that it presents is the least viewed in history and everything indicates that Prime Video will not renew. The audience data obtained is very sad, perhaps more so than that other personal tragedy of Chenoa, when she left her David Bisbal, a memory that has gone down in history: the gray tracksuit from her breakup with the artist from Almeria, a scene that she herself commented with irony at the first gala of this edition in which she is the master of ceremonies.

But, beyond personal issues, the data is devastating: almost 90% of Prime Video's clientele 'passes' from the millionaire Operación Triunfo, which has less audience than marginal programs on La 2.

16 singers in search of a dream

Gestmusic had been looking for television to broadcast Operación Triunfo in Spain for more than three years; perhaps because it has a reputation as an expensive and cyclical program: in recent times only one out of every three editions that is broadcast works, as long as there is a break between them.

But Amazon, which has Jeff Bezos' infinite portfoliotook the step and bought the new installment to relaunch Prime Video after the disinterest of Mediaset España, and the limited interest of Movistar Plus+, whose Entertainment director, José Andrés García Bropi, a guru responsible for titles like El Informal, I know what you did, What do you say to me, La Noche con Fuentes y Cía, El Intermedio or Zapeando, has just acknowledged that broadcasting the Gestmusic program would have affected their budget too much.

Chenoa gets the cookie of her life: the data sings

The good news for Chenoa is that she collects all her cache. The bad news is that in all likelihood he will not renew. The impact of the twelfth edition of OT is being very limited, both on social networks and in media coverage. And the fact that it is broadcast on a payment platform, Prime Video, adds to the lack of stars that have emerged in the Academy, a situation that has caused nervousness in Gestmusic.

This week Tinet Rubira, factotum of the format, stood out thanks to the audience data from the consulting firm Dos30' Sigma Dos, which assures that “a total of 1.8 million unique viewers (1,856,000) enjoyed the (two) Operación Triunfo galas in the month of November”.

The consultant emphasizes that 10.5% of Prime Video users have seen the OT galas. But he hides a big lie: he omits that many of them have done it for just a minute. They also avoid commenting that almost 90% of the around 22 million people who can access the platform, according to Kantar Media and the EGM, He hasn't even tuned it for a minute.

OT's supposed success is not only false; is that we are facing a disaster of astronomical dimensions if we take into account the budget: It is one thing to tune into the format for one minute, and another is to count the audience. All you have to do is see that these 1.8 million viewers in November are less than programs with marginal audiences like the LateXou which airs at midnight on Mondays on La 2.

Last month, the format hosted by Marc Giró surpassed 2 million unique viewers with barely 169,000 viewers on average and a share which does not even reach 3%. Another format of residual hearings, the recently retired one Better Saturday, It accumulated more than 4 million unique viewers in each installment, that is, more than double this OT if we count the audience by the same system.

There are multiple formats of open television that in a single minute of broadcast surpass Operación Triunfo in unique viewers, which has costs similar to some sporting events and, not even remotely, achieves the impact, audiences and return in terms of registrations. subscribers that payment operators obtain with them.

very expensive program

Prime Video can sell that it has reinforced its brand with the purchase of Operación Triunfo, perhaps it makes sense as a marketing operation but it cannot boast of an audience. Yes indeed, The campaign to improve image has been very expensive, since the musical program that Chenoa hosts is high-cost (in its 2020 edition RTVE paid 14,021,044 euros in exchange for a disappointing audience of 12.2% share). Television sources indicate that each OT gala could cost around 700,000 euros, Therefore, spending around 1.5 million euros to not even reach 2 million contacts does not seem like a successful way to promote the platform.

weak premiere

Triumph operation It has been an expensive marketing campaign for Prime Video, where there was anger after learning that at the format's premiere gala, released on November 20, it reached an audience share of 3.6% compared to free-to-air television. according to the company Smartme Analytics. This company, specialized in audience and media measurement, monitored OT's first live broadcast, which according to Bluper, was far from Antena 3's 17.1% and Telecinco's 11.4%.

Burned format

In the absence of an audience, Gestmusic is bouncing around parameters that are more difficult to compare. This is the case of the votes, since according to the producer, at the gala on December 18, more than 4.5 million votes were collected (more than 1 during just 24 hours).

The truth is that sources in the sector emphasize the lack of relevance that Operación Triunfo has achieved within the sector, perhaps because it is a format that is broadcast many times and Prime Video has opted for a conservative adaptation (using well-known faces as presenter, teachers or members of the jury).

There are many doubts about whether free-to-air television will be interested in OT again. They tell us it's not easy. And they assure us that it will not be in Prime Video's interest to renew either, because, no matter how many young audiences the program attracts, the audience it adds, in relative terms, is minuscule taking into account its high costs. As the television priests who have rejected this Operación Triunfo would say to Gestmusic, Tinet Rubira and Prime: when you go … I come.

This Sunday, after the King's speech and the Christmas Eve dinner, there is a special Christmas gala. After midnight, Chenoa and the 16 contestants of this decaffeinated edition, including those who have already left the Academy, perform Christmas carols and songs accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Nominations and eliminations return next Monday, January 1.